twirL... home grown IN ALAMEDA

"Inspired by the purity of a child's creativity"....

TWIRL was dreamt up by A SMALL TOWN GIRL WHO LOVED TO DRAW, crochet with her grandmother, bake with her mother and run around collecting sticks, rocks, walnut shells and anything else NATURE provided for creating. She went on to study Architecture and Design, blending her passion for ART, CONSTRUCTION AND MATH. Sabrina Majored in Environmental Design at the University of California, Davis and received her Masters in Architecture from California College of the Arts, San Francisco. She volunteered throughout college teaching children art and creative exploration and became quite fond of it. Later taking child development classes to understand the connection between children's learning through creative expression. After college she pursued architecture and dove in to the corporate world, designing resorts, children's hospitals, schools and master plans internationally. 

Then came LITTLE ARIA.... Once entirely engulfed in work and travel, now she had more important things to do like FINGER PAINT AND BAKE "TOOKIES" (cookies) with her little girl. She was inspired by the PURITY OF CREATIVITY that her little girl brought each day. Aria made the SIMPLEST THINGS WHIMSICAL and taught her to LOOK THROUGH A LENS she once knew as a child. Form and function became more than what one assumed.  

It took Sabrina Cazarez, Twirl's Founder nearly four years to dream up, plan and execute, though it had been a life times collection of creative thoughts and aspirations that brought Twirl into fruition. Sabrina wanted to create a THOUGHTFULLY DESIGNED SPACE that engages and sparks imaginative play for children to interact and create. A WHIMSICAL COMPOSITION that nurtures creativity for children and adults alike. A community hub where families can come together and MAKE TANGIBLE what their inventive minds conjure up.

Twirl evokes a magical essence of making, collaborating and building community

We hope you join in the act of making and play!


Sabrina & The Twirl Family