Join us in the act of making this summer!

We will have eight exciting themes to choose from... and specialty camps in our Pottery/Mosaic Studio

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Is it metallic or fluffy or explosive? Let's put our experimenter googles on and find out! 

We have been trying out all sorts of fantastic slime concoctions in our studio and now we are ready to pass these recipes on to our little experimenters. The week will also entail a mystery to solve. Who trampled through the rainbow slime? Children will search for clues and evidence as they test out their slime making skills. Guest speaker from Alameda Police Dept. will hand out badges on Friday. 


Sticks and stones won't break our bones...we use them to create! 

What's the best part of the summer....Camping of course. We will be creating our own mini camp ground right inside Twirl. The week will entail tent making, nature scavenger hunts, star gazing-constellation maps, home made trail mix, team building activites and more. Friday Field Trip to Crab Cove Visitor Center.


Motors, gizmos and gadgets oh my...

Our little engineers will explore new ways to use found objects. Dissecting toys, motorized contraptions, scribble machines, marble runs and more. Mini think tank sessions, group collaborations and experimentation with objects that fly, float and crawl will be part of our daily design challenges. Field Trips may entail a walk to the library, movie theater, park or other.



Twirlers to the rescue! Capes, cuffs, comics, cartooning and more. We will explore Andy Warhols influence through Pop Art, pose in the photobooth and save all from destruction. Friday Field Trip includes a tour lead by Alameda's Real Super Heros at the Fire House on Park St.


What will our magic wands conjure up...

Wizard spells, fairy hideaways and mermaids hair are just a few of the whimsical adventures we'll embark upon. We will take nature walks to collect sticks for weaving, build tee pees and paint sea shells. Field Trips entail a Friday beach adventure. 


Toto, I don't think we are in Alameda anymore....

We will design and create time machines to visit lands near and far, past and present. Our travels will include explorations through art, music, dance and food. We'll zip to several lands and time periods, visiting places like Mexico to make pinatas, Australia to play with rain sticks and Egypt to uncover mummies. Our travels will take place in the studio as well as outdoors. Friday Field Trip entails a walk to the the library for lunch and to further research the lands we explored. 


Calling all inquisitive inventors...

This camp will focus on the process of making. A mistake isn't a mistake in art, its an expression of the process it took to get the end product. So lets get our hands dirty diving into all sorts of art techniques and mediums. From pottery to print making, textiles and beyond. Our Makery Lab will be lush with creative inventions. Field Trips entail a walk to the produce market for a selection of veggie stampings. 


Let's become inspired by nature... 

This two day mini camp is short but sweet. We will not only be inspired by the fractal patterns and textures in nature but by the whimsical spaces one finds in the garden. Take a walk under an avocado tree or explore the berry bushes to find the magical homes of fairies and gnomes. Children will create their own renditions of these spaces as well as plant some herbs. Field trip entails a nature walk. 


Let's get messy!

Join us this summer in our new Pottery/Mosaic Studio! Pottery is the perfect tactile art to introduce to children. Our class will go over basic concepts of wheel throwing, hand building and bisque painting. We will further explore texture and pattern through mosaic art towards the end of our week.


Time to get our hands dirty and put our problem solving to the test! Dexterity, fine motor skills and three-dimensional thinking all come together in the craft of wood working. Join us for some fun in the wood workshop.


Mini Camp_Tiny Twirlers $175 per week or $40 per day

Half day Camp Twirl for children ages 3yrs - 6yrs. (must be potty trained)

Camp Time 9am - 12pm

Twirlers $325 per week or $75 per day

Full day Camp Twirl for children ages 4yrs - 8yrs. 

Camp Time 9:00am - 3pm

Extended Care PM per week 3pm-5pm $100

Sign up for more than one full Week/full Day session and Save...$20...three sessions Save $30...Four or more sessions and Save $50! **Register online and we will refund once we receive registration. This excludes pottery camps. Only one discount can be applied.


Pottery/Mosaic Studio Camp $180 per week

9am-12pm **Ages:6 -12yrs.

Wood Working Camp $180 per week

9am-12pm **Ages:6 -10yrs.


We provide a snack but if enrolled in Full Day Camp please pack your child a nut free lunch.

Children should wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.

Apply sunscreen as we will be outdoors for part of the camp. 

Parents must sign in and sign out daily.

Pick up on time. You will be assessed a late charge of $1 per minute payable that day.  

Refund/Cancellation Policy: Withdrawals may be made by email, phone or in person within 14 days of camp start date. A $15 processing fee will apply. The remainder of fee will be placed as a credit on your account towards future classes/camps. Unfortunately because spots are limited, no credit is given for partial attendance. No portion of the tuition will be refunded if the child is absent, withdrawn, or should otherwise fail to complete the activity.